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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation of government claims has always been at the heart of the Harrell Law Firm, PA.  If someone has been injured due to the negligence of any part of South Carolina government, the Harrell Law Firm, PA has the experience and legal knowledge to guide that person through the maze of suing the government to a successful outcome.  

During the past decade and a half, the Harrell Law Firm, PA served as Counsel in a multitude of lawsuits with many different towns, cities, counties, government agencies, departments, school districts, law enforcement offices, and other government entities of South Carolina.  The lawyers at the Harrell Law Firm, PA have spent over 18 years working through lawsuits with these political subdivisions in all stages of litigation.  

In addition to this, as part of the legal services to its clients, the firm has also practiced in a broad spectrum of legal services including commercial litigation, personal injury defense, insurance company bad-faith, construction law, general business law, and even workers’ compensation.

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